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Courtyard Terrace Assisted Living

Case Studies

When an existing facility needed an expansion and facelift, BD Construction brought the goals and budget into alignment.

When Blue Valley Lutheran Homes in Hebron, Nebraska, decided on a 30,000-square-foot expansion and facelift that would more than double the size of its Courtyard Terrace Assisted Living facility, BD Construction was charged with bringing the goals and budget into alignment. BD Construction was able to carve more than $800,000 from the original estimate and still meet all the needs of the facility, including an attractive, home-like character.

The new addition includes a main dining room with an adjacent commercial kitchen, as well as a billiards room, chapel, barber and beauty shop and a small ice-cream parlor. For family gatherings and other uses, a smaller, private dining room is also available.”> In all, the project added 2 studio and 23 one-bedroom apartments with full baths and kitchenettes to the existing 16, creating a central courtyard in the process.

A generous lobby and common area with a vaulted ceiling and sunny clerestory windows presented a particular building challenge due to its wood framing, but in the end, the lobby became the central showpiece of the project. Blue Valley Lutheran Homes quickly became a focal point of the community and now has a waiting list for units.

Because it was an existing, occupied facility, special attention was given to keeping residents safe, comfortable and informed during construction. Project managers planned ways to make sure residents could get where they needed to go, without compromising emergency exists or fire codes.

BD Construction’s expansion and remodeling of Blue Valley Lutheran Homes Courtyard Terrace facility gave residents more space, more freedom, better amenities and an improved quality of life — without breaking the bank in the process.