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The Prairie Club Cabins

The Prairie Club Cabins

Building a high-end resort on a remote site presents unique challenges.

The Prairie Club, overlooking the Snake River Canyon near Valentine, Nebraska, is truly a stunning destination golf resort. Designed to harmonize with the beautiful natural terrain of Nebraska’s Sandhills, The Prairie Club features two 18-hole championship golf courses, a 10-hole par-3 course, and a state-of-the art practice facility along with The Prairie Club Lodge, a luxurious modern building that all but blends into the high prairie landscape.

Today, guests of The Prairie Club have every conceivable amenity close at hand, but when BD Construction broke ground on the project, there was no electricity or roads and only a rudimentary workforce in the area. BD helped the owner solve infrastructure issues, worked with the Nebraska Department of Roads to build access to the site, and maintained strict control of the budget while making alterations and additions.

Among the more unusual challenges, BD had to work with the Nebraska Department of Environment Quality (DEQ) and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to help protect the habitat of the endangered American Burying Beetle by developing a plan to disturb as little of the natural terrain as possible during construction. BD overcame the challenges of bringing concrete, material, and manpower to a remote location, the 40,000-square-foot Prairie Club Lodge and today includes 26 guest rooms, a superb restaurant and lounge with magnificent views of the river and vast prairie, a conference room, a full-service golf shop, locker rooms, and a golf cart garage.

In addition to accommodations in the lodge itself, guests can choose to stay in one of the many duplex cabins, each designed with a comfortable living room, bedrooms, large windows, and a porch or deck to admire the views.

Meeting all the design criteria while remaining within an established budget is difficult in any construction situation, but it’s especially challenging on a remote site with minimal outside resources available. With The Prairie Club Lodge, BD Construction has once again proven itself more than up to any task.


  • Construction of three new cabins
  • 4,500 square feet per cabin


  • 2 stories
  • 4 bedrooms per floor
  • 1 common area/living room per floor