Manny Rodriguez

Concrete Team, Project Team, Superintendents, Team

With more than a half dozen years of concrete experience under his belt, Manny Rodriguez brings expert craftsmanship to his role at BD Construction. Manny is a hands-on worker and enjoys being part of building something new as well as seeing a project progress from start to finish.

Manny graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from the University of Nebraska at Kearney. While attending college, he worked for BD Construction and was hired full-time as the assistant concrete superintendent upon graduation. BD Construction has allowed Manny to continue doing what he loves–working in the field and producing quality finished concrete work–while also learning the management aspect of large commercial projects.

When not on the job site, Manny enjoys hunting as well as hanging out with his family. As the oldest in his family, he strives to be someone that his two younger sisters can look up to.