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Testimonials from Project Owners

BD Construction takes great pride in developing long-term relationships with project owners, and their experiences tell an important story about what it’s like to work with BD Construction. Another group that has a front-row seat to how BD Construction does business is the sub-contractors who work on BD’s projects. To read their perspective, visit the Testimonials from Sub-Contractors page.

“Howard County Medical Center had been trying to promote and achieve a new lab project for at least five years.  My task as the CEO of the facility was to partner with a company that understood our needs as a healthcare facility but was also aware that we needed to stay within a very strict budget.  BD Construction worked with us from the very beginning to help with local infrastructure roadblocks and the onset of winter weather.  Mike and Dennis led the way from the beginning and enlisted Grant as our architect.  This collaboration worked perfect in getting our team on the same page and making sure we had what we needed. Once construction started, our on-site supervisor, Jeff, was there every day making sure the job was done correctly and on time.  He always made sure the work site was clean and that we could do business as usual.  In the end we finished on time and under budget.  I will use BD for my next project and would welcome anyone that is considering using their services to call me and let me elaborate on what a GREAT job they did.”
– Howard County Medical Center  – Arlan Johnson, CEO

“BD Construction stayed on schedule, understood healthcare organizations and went above and beyond to make sure construction did not interfere with operations. BD also was very conscientious of cost and kept us under budget with a substantial savings. The BD Construction staff became part of our family and were very easy to work with. BD Construction did what they said they would do for us … and much more! I would highly recommend BD Construction to any organization seeking construction management.”

– Rawlins County Health Center  – Deanna Freeman, Administrator (retired)

“These individuals [business development manager, project manager and superintendent] were willing to go the extra mile to provide quality service in a timely manner. We are extremely pleased with the end product and would recommend BD Construction to others who are interested in obtaining top-notch construction management services.”
– St. Paul Public Schools – Susan DeCamp, Board of Education President

“In 2008, Brodstone Memorial Hospital initiated the planning of a new addition attached to the hospital. A search began to find the construction company that would meet our criteria of trust, integrity, timeliness, dependability and excellent communication skills. We selected BD Construction, and in a very short time, our decision to work with BD was confirmed to be the right choice. We are very pleased to express our complete satisfaction with BD Construction and all its personnel involved with our project.”
– Brodstone Memorial Hospital – John E. Keelan, CEO

“While the financial stakes are high for both the client and business, BD always made it clear that they were there for Perkins County Schools. When construction starts, multiple contractors can be involved, each bringing their own caliber of performance. Additionally, construction always brings its own set of challenges to overcome that are often outside of anyone’s control. BD and their construction manager, were, and continue to be, an advocate for us as a client. This includes making sure that bids and pricing were in line with industry standards to ensuring that contractors complete work to specifications, and then holding those accountable who do not meet those standards. What I really appreciated about BD in the area of advocacy was that when they saw an opportunity to save dollars, either in product or a redesign, they shared this with me and I was allowed to make an informed and fiscally-responsible decision.”
– Perkins County Schools – Phillip Picquet, Superintendent

“I was immediately impressed with BD Construction’s design knowledge and their infusion of ‘economic functionality’ as a substitute to ‘architectural overdesign and grandiose.’ The Gibbon Public School project had very few change orders and the contingency money that remained at the end of the project was substantial. Material quality and the quality workmanship were constantly monitored and held to the highest of standards. The selection of BD Construction for construction management services as agent to the owner was the best decision we made on this project.”
– Gibbon Public Schools – Larry Witt, Superintendent

“We could not have been more pleased with the professionalism and courtesy shown to us by BD Construction. The superintendent kept us informed with regular meetings and change orders were discussed as construction warranted. I found them to be very positive in their attitude toward the community and students. The work was completed professionally and on time. I would highly recommend BD Construction.”
– Mullen Public Schools – Charles Hafer, Superintendent (retired)

“BD Construction has been fantastic in supervising this [remodel, new kitchen, wrestling practice room and gymnasium] project, completing the project on time and under budget, despite the difficulties of remodeling while school continued in the building. The project superintendent provided quality workmanship, was great to work with and communicated and worked well with our staff in solving problems as they developed. BD has represented Ord Public Schools very well throughout this project. We feel that they are part of our family and always represent us in a fair, but firm, manner.”
– Ord Public Schools – Max Kroger, Superintendent

“BD Construction diligently worked through the details with the board, making the entire process very smooth. They united and educated all parties involved in a manner that enabled us to pass the bond issue on the first attempt. Their open book policy provided us with a complete monthly accounting of the project. It also was helpful to have the project manager attend our monthly meetings to answer questions and provide progress reports.”
– Superior Public Schools – Charles Isom, Superintendent

“BD Construction has been very instrumental through all phases of our project and continues to be a valuable partner as the project moves forward. They have quality people in all areas of the project, and if you have a question, it gets answered promptly and professionally.”
– Paxton Consolidated Schools – Del Dack, Superintendent