Planning & Project Development

When you have the idea—you know the one—the idea for a building project that seems almost too big to tackle, that’s the time to talk to BD.

By working with BD’s construction experts,  your idea becomes a spark that sets into motion a plan, funding, a groundbreaking, a project, a ribbon cutting and ultimately, a better customer experience.

When you talk to BD early in the process, you benefit from expertise that addresses often overlooked ideas for construction, which can save you money and time in the long-range.

You have the idea; together we develop the plan to make it real.

BD offers consulting and planning expertise, all to add value to your organization and idea as your project evolves into the building phase:

  • surveying customer, employee or public opinion and facilitating open forums to assess needs and concerns
  • organizing bond initiatives to generate funding for public projects
  • generating public interest and recruiting community involvement
  • exploring unique building methods and materials that help you achieve your goals