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Pre-Engineered Structures

Why BD is one of the largest metal building dealers in the Midwest

Until relatively recently, steel building construction was mostly confined to garages, airplane hangars, barns and warehouses. However, BD has found that innovations in manufacturing techniques, building materials, insulation and finishing options, has made this an appropriate method for many types of buildings including churches, retail stores, manufacturing plants, sports arenas, and offices.

Among the advantages of metal buildings:

  • Steel is very strong relative to its weight, so foundations can be lighter and very large spans — up to 100 meters — can be achieved.
  • Steel allows considerable flexibility, which means building layouts can be tailored precisely to needs.
  • Components are produced under factory conditions, ensuring accuracy and quality.
  • Steel construction is fast. It can be erected much faster than traditional construction techniques and is often more cost effective.
  • Compared to many other building components, steel is environmentally friendly.

Whether your business needs an office complex, warehouse, education or manufacturing facility or more, steel might be your best choice. BD Construction has built a wide range of metal buildings for a variety of purposes. Talk to your BD representative to determine if this may be an appropriate method for your project.

BD Construction is proud to work with the region’s premier steel construction providers, including Ceco Building Systems.