Open Book Policy | BD Construction

Open Book Policy

Many, if not most, general contractors regard the financial details of a construction project as confidential – not BD. We utilize a state-of-the art construction accounting program that tracks every detail, down to a single roll of insulation or box of nails, and we’re ready to share the information with clients at any point in the process.

That’s just part of a whole philosophy that makes good, open communication – with clients, with architects and engineers, with subcontractors and with our own field crews – a top priority. We pride ourselves on being easily reachable by phone, cell phone or email, and by being responsive to changing needs and conditions.

BD’s “open book policy” is intended to validate our records management and general company integrity. BD grants owners full access to all construction documents from the inception of the project. We believe this policy of checks and balances improves cooperation and minimizes the possibility of error and misunderstanding.